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Summer Fun in the Mountains of Johnson County, Butler, and Northeastern, TN

It always amazes visitors how much there is to do here in the Appalachian mountains of Northeastern Tennessee during the summer and fall.

Every day there is hiking, swimming, boating, fishing and relaxing.  But there are also a great many activities which are fun for the entire family.

 Just in June alone are the following events:

  •  Blue Plum Festival – June 6-8 – Old Downtown – Johnson City – Blue Plum.org
  •  Heritage Hall Performance Center – Blithe Spirit – June 20,21,22
    June 27, 28 – Mountain City – heritagehalltheatre.org
  •  Watauga Lake Winery – Wine Dinner – June 21 – wataugalakewinery.com
  • Roan Mountain – Roan Mountain Rhododendron Festival –
    June 21,22 – roanmountain.com
  • An 18th Century Independence Celebration and Muster – Sycamore ShoalsState Historic Area-June 28 and 29 sycamoreshoalstn.org
  •  Old Mill Days – Trade Gristmill – Trade
  • Gray Fossil Museum with permanent exhibits and traveling exhibits – Alligators, red pandas, camels, and beavers are among the finds recently discovered while digging at the Gray site – grayfossilmuseum.org
  • Doe Mountain – an 8600 acre recreational area for hiking, biking and ATV trails
  •  Watauga Lake – swimming, fishing, boating, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding
  • Butler Museum – telling the story of “the town that wouldn’t drown”  – Open weekends – http://www.thebutlermuseum.com

And remember, the Iron Mountain Inn B&B and Creekside Chalet in Butler, TN are the perfect headquarters for exploring all that Butler, and Northeastern Tennessee has to offer.

Book your stay by calling 423-768-2446 or for 24 hour online reservations, go to http://www.ironmountainnn.com/rooms or http://www.creeksidechalet.net/rates.html

Looking forward to sharing the magic of the mountains with you and your friends or family this summer.


Food and salt

Popcorn!  For some reason this evening watching the preliminary red carpet show for the Golden Globes (I;ll probably never get around to seeing the movies and I sure haven’t seen many of the tv shows since I’m too busy writing blogs!  LOL) I got an urge for popcorn!  

Air popped corn has practically no calories and when I put seasoned cajun salt on it, oh my!  Taste buds just POPPED!  Had to have another couple of handfuls.  Which is another reason I like the microwave – fast  popcorn!

It did fill me up, but still felt I should probably eat something else for dinner so I popped a frozen Gen Tsao’s meal in the microwave.  Before I did I read the label.  OMG the sodium content looked like the Great Salt Desert.  Not too many calories tho.

Been trying to eat on a somewhat regular basis so I don’t nibble all those goodies I have in the house (I have mentioned that before, haven’t I?)  And trying to eat when I’m just a little hungry…so far it seems to be working but tomorrow morning on the scale is the truth!

Went out on my 2 mile trail yesterday!  Need to take a chain saw out to cut out a large tree which has fallen across the path and then some smaller ones.  One group of branches looked like pictures of the briers across Cinderella’s castle before the prince cuts through. A little spooky.

Noticed today when I went hiking that the surveyors had marked the edge of my property with the boundary lines of the Cherokee National Forest.  I’d had some of the lines done myself a couple of years ago and the surveyor told me to wait as the Forest Service was going to have him do their line which abuts mine.  That saved me some money!

Enough ramblings for tonight…off to watch Downton Abbey.Image