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Changes they are a’comin’!

Time for some updates!  Time for some new colors!  Time for you to follow our blog and see what we will be doing.

After 16 years, it’s time to make changes in the bedrooms at the Iron Mountain Inn starting with the Equestrian Room.  Working with David Harrell I can’t wait to see the new looks we are planning. He is so creative!  It’ll take some time, but I’ll try to post pictures as we go along. Here is the “before” picture of the Equestrian room and as we progress, I’ll be taking photo updates.


Next will be the Green Room…David wants to paint over the tree…but I told him he has to work around that!  What do you, my guests who’ve stayed in that room think?  We are planning to go Oriental…I have so many pictures and fabric with that theme we decided to use it.



After the Green Room, then it’s on to the Great Room!  Moving furniture, maybe cutting an Oriental rug (ooooo), painting walls…it’s going to be very different and much more up to date!  Just as comfortable with feet up luxury, I know we will all enjoy the changes.

Keep checking Facebook as well on the Iron Mountain Inn B&B and Vacation Rentals site for more info and photos.