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Winter blues

Although the sky isn’t blue due to the winter grey clouds covering the sky, sitting in my Lake House I’m surrounded by blue walls, blue upholstery and blue music…light, airy and it makes me feel like summer will soon be here.  Can’t come too soon.

But in the meantime….we are planning a great Valentine’s Weekend for our guests at the Iron Mountain Inn B&B.  Red and white dinner and red and white breakfasts!  Chocolate chip cookies…probably won’t come out red and white, but we will have hearts!   Dinner is being planned as a very special treat

Did you wait until the last minute and found all the rooms already booked?  Well, let us know because we are delighted to prepare a “Lover’s Getaway” for you anytime you stay with us!  Snuggling in front of the wood burning fire sipping a hot toddy; playing board games or card games with the other guests; trying to decipher the Sodoku puzzles (I never can) – it doesn’t matter what you do, you’ll relax and refresh your soul here on top of the mountain.

Come, share the magic of the mountains with us this year




Anxious for warmer weather

Iron Mountain Inn, Butler, TN
Been busy today, but wanted to post so as not to miss one day of 365!

Guests coming and going, beds to stripped and made, breakfasts to be planned, the life of an innkeeper on changeover day!  But I don’t ever want to be doing anything else!  This is the occupation – I can’t call it a job since I enjoy it so much – I should have been doing for years prior to today.

But now I’ve been an innkeeper for 15 years come May 15th and I plan to continue as long as my health holds out and my slew of helpers hold out!  Couldn’t run it without Carolyn, Val, Jack and many many good friends.

But the day has come to an end, need a good night’s sleep before another day tomorrow.