Black Bears at the Iron Mountain Inn

Well, again last night there were heavy footsteps over my head as I was drifting off to sleep. The cats were running up and down from one window to another, racing across my bed trying to see what they heard and probably smelled.

Nothing to get concerned about…just another black bear trying to get at my bird feeders! Since I’ve put the garbage cans in the “outhouse”, a small log cabin shed, they can’t get into those so they are concentrating on the bird feeders. Between the squirrels, the raccoons and the bears, I’m feeding more mammals than birds! The cardinal is complaining loudly right now!

The bears have broken into my car and set off the horn…at 1:00 a.m. waking me from a sound sleep. They shattered the driver’s side window and reached in. Have you ever tried to separate shattered glass from gravel? Worse than a needle in a haystack!

The bears have taken garbage out of the back of my van in the middle of the day and strewn it through the garden as they headed back to their home.

The bears have stolen two garbage cans – the bear hunters found one of them and lots of garbage down in the valley below the Inn.

And then there is the scat left on the deck! Full of bird seed! And the holes in the screen door just the right shape of paw prints.

black bear visited
black bear visited

But at least they don’t bother anyone when we are out hiking the trails around the Inn and up into the Cherokee National Forest. Saw some cubs up a tree so sidled out of there in case mom was watching.

And we had 14 koi, but now are down to 4 very smart ones! The ones which managed to hide from the bears and raccoons

But it’s the squirrels which really annoy me! The chew on the side of my house! More about them later.


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