Iron Mountain Inn B and B News and Notes

Periodic comments on innkeeping, mountain living and whatever comes to mind.  Today (February 10)  it’s about the great waterfalls in Johnson and Carter counties of Northeastern Tennessee.

The Blue Hole is an easy drive from the Iron Mountain Inn B&B in Butler, TN and then a short walk from the parking lot.  It is a deep waterfall…in other words, you have to walk down to the falls…but in the heat of summer it’s a great place to take a plunge and cool off!

Gentry Creek Falls is a challenging falls to get to because of the walking through the many creek crossings.  Some bridges have been built, but you can never be too sure if they will still be there if we’d had lots of rain and rushing water.  But this double falls is well worth the 5 mile round trip hike on a hot sunny day as a lot of the trail is in the woods.

One of the most visited falls is the Laurel Fork Falls between Hampton and Dennis Cove, TN.  It is on the Appalachian Trail and is maintained by the Eastman Chemical Company’s Hiking Club.  It’s easy to park off route 67 in Hampton and hike up to the falls, or go to Dennis Cove and hike down which is a little harder.  Of course, either way you hike you go up AND down! fork

More tales of rushing water in a future note.


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News and Notes from the Iron Mountain Inn innkeeper

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