New website for Iron Mountain Inn B&B

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to put together photos, copy and all kinds of information for a new website which is being built by Scott Richardson of Blue Ridge Media.

He has been a saint putting up with me….my photos, my changes, my not making it easy for him to put this site together.  But I think we are almost ready to go live!!!!

So if you want a preview go to: and let me know what you think.  Would love to get some feedback before it’s set in stone.

And don’t forget … if you have photos of your visit to the Iron Mountain Inn B&B, please post then on our Facebook page  ironmountaininnB&Bandvacationrentals.  Hope to keep this blog a place to keep everyone informed about what is happening in the Tri-State region of Western NC, Northeastern TN, and Southwestern VA – it’s a very lively area and there is ALWAYS something going on year round!



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