Summer ramblings

Rain today which is much needed – even the lake is lower than normal for July.  But after last year, we were enjoying the sunny days.

Funny how once the summer solstices comes and goes it seems that summer races ever faster and faster.  The students in this area return to school on August 4th!  That’s terrible, but I understand they are going to get a week’s break in October!  Personally, but maybe it’s because I come from the north where school started after Labor Day and ended mid-June!  

But then we didn’t have air conditioned school buildings either!  Makes a difference.  Of course, I think school should be year round: the students whose birthdays are in September, October, November and December start in September.  The students whose birthdays are January, February March and April start in January.  And so forth.  By doing this the students will be closer in age..unless a parent wants to keep a child out for a year to mature a little more instead of now where there is often an entire year’s age difference in the students and in First Grade…that makes a big difference.

Also by doing this rotating, a teacher might take a sabbatical during the winter instead of everyone having to have summer breaks.  Each block would complete a block of learning and again, it would rotate so maybe a parent would like to take the family on a 3 month trip in winter…the children could drop out that block and pick it up again next block.

Another thing about this school year, the children won’t have to spend a few weeks catching up and what they learned the previous spring.

But afraid this will never happen…the world gets stuck in their ruts and has a great deal of difficulty thinking and acting outside the box.

dsc_0074.jpgNot a bad picture of the full moon over Doe Mountain…can’t see it tonight but it was something on the Super Moon a few nights ago!  Love the full moon. Even got married on the night of the full moon since it seemed that wonderful things always happen that night.



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