Spring…is it here or not

Warm sunny days so I planted pansies in the front porch window boxes.  Bought some more to plant in the back porch boxes.  Before I could get them planted…snow and more snow.  The porch is just about melted out!

But then I saw some turkeys – 2 toms and a flock of hens about 30 of them.  The one tom was really showing off!  Didn’t have a long lens on my camera so wasn’t able to get a really good picture…but they are around the Iron Mountain Inn property so I’ll head out after I blow the winter leaves off the lawn of the Watauga Lake House.

Leaves and pine needles!  They certainly do cover a lot of lawn.  But the pine needles are great…and when I see them for sale in bags at the market….well, I think to myself…I’ve got them for free!  Time to go back outside and continue blowing leaves into piles to pick up.  The trimmed branches are being loaded onto the pickup truck to haul to the brush pile in the woods deep behind the Inn.

Spring…time to get back in shape by working in the yard!

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