Beds and Baths

When you own a bed and breakfast, one of the things you have to do on a regular basis is make beds and clean bathrooms.  Neither job is difficult, in fact, getting a bed made with crisp sheets smoothed tightly down is very satisfying…at least to me!

And the same with a bathroom.  Getting the single hairs out of the tub…satisfaction!  Getting the water spots off the sink and mirror…satisfaction!  Getting the shower curtain washed and rehung…satisfaction!  And by doing it myself instead of having my assistant innkeepers do it, I can catch some of the things which need repairing, changing, updating.  For example, the brass fixtures are looking old after 15 years so it’s time to change them.

So now it’s time to head to the store for new fixtures, new shower curtains, new switch plates, new bedspreads, new lampshades…it’s like starting all over again!  A great way to start the New Year!

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